Friday, July 8, 2011

A Fond Farewell.

"Letting go is, simply put, not anything close to moving on."

Goodbyes are always difficult. This is for the simple reason that they are usually the beginning of the end of something that maybe was once wonderful, special and important to us. Goodbyes can be just for a day, or a week or month, but they can also be more permanent... like forever. No one likes to say goodbye. But sometimes we have to, just like sometimes we have to do things in life that maybe we don't necessarily want to do, like take a math test or eat turnips or have our heart broken. 

My time in Savannah is finally drawing to a close, and although I have only been here for little over a month, it feels like years since I packed up my car, got kissed goodbye and made the trip down here, brimming with confidence and excitement at the prospect of new opportunities in a new place. So much has changed in the short time I have been here, and as I sit here and reflect on it all, I have to admit it is a bit overwhelming. So I decided to put my words into pictures, and pick a few of my favorite memories from my time here to look back on.
sunset on river street, with the beautiful Savannah Bridge in the background! priceless 
laughter, happiness, being silly...on the beach. loved bloody point on Dafuskie Island!
being a part of an amazing fashion shoot and incredible experience in stepping out of my comfort zone!
eating ice cream at the salty dog cafe...and enjoying it to the fullest of course
visits from people who mattered the most...
& visits from people who will always matter.
there's a first time for everything.
reminding myself that the biggest joys in life can also be the simplest ones- like baking cupcakes on a rainy day.
trying new things...and falling in love. 

So, my trip in a nutshell. There were so many more memories, some happy, some sad...but that's just part of life. And there really is nothing I can do to change it. Acceptance and bowing to the inevitable- two of the hardest things to do sometimes. But if I've learned anything at all-

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

When I go home, my "new beginning" will start right away. I'll move out of maple ridge, and I'll be helping out with Orientation 2011, prepping the incoming class of 2015 for the next, BEST four years of their lives as HOKIES! (And giving them the low down on Ring Tradition and being a Leader for their class!)
Are you ready to join this family? 

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  1. When have you ever had to eat turnips?! Poor thing.

    SHOOOOOT, I wanna be on that boat! Love it.