Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Modern Family

Wow, what a great weekend I had! It feels like it has lasted forever since I have ended up with a bit of down time with my work schedule. (Which is actually a blessing in disguise considering the hectic and busy previous week). 

On friday I woke up early (barely) for my friday morning babysitting job with Steve and Julie Pence and their two boys, Austin and Braedan. The boys are 9 and 11 and suffer from a mitochondrial disease similar to cerebral palsy. They can't walk or talk or function very much independently so I have to change them and feed them, and it is like taking care of infants but in a much more satisfying way. At first I was nervous at the prospect of babysitting children who had "special needs", after all- what would I do if something went wrong? How would I react? Would I be able to handle it? My doubts and insecurities vanished in an instant the moment Ms. Julie threw open the door with a huge, encouraging smile on her face and offered me a cup of coffee and all the direction and advice I could possibly ask for. She is one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting- I felt instantly comfortable and welcome in her home...and she was a kappa delta! (AOT!) She showed me the "ropes" so to speak with looking after the boys. I jumped right in and fed them breakfast- oatmeal and strawberry yogurt, and i sat between them in their chairs and played with their chocolate lab puppy, named deuce. I can tell the boys enjoy having her around, until she jumps on them! Silly pup. 

baby deuce! what a cutie!
After I left the Pence's it was straight on the road to pick up my little sister, her friend Anita and my little brother from my dad- we were meeting at a halfway (sort of ) spot, and switching cars since he had my green honda all fixed up since the accident. Luke actually was waiting for me at the cracker barrel with my family when I pulled in, and I threw my arms around his neck so happy to see him!

The weekend began with traveling to Hilton Head Island, a short trip north of Savannah to watch my cousins Kylie and McKenzie compete in a tennis tournament. The tournament was held at Wexford Plantation, a lavish and gated community on the island with a private marina for homeowners that kept the water level constant using the same type of gate system as the Panama Canal. They let my Uncle dock his boat there for free, which was very generous! 
we THOUGHT this was Michael Jordan's was rumored he has one here in Wexford, but apparently not this hotel style home right on the water! Still, it's pretty.
Kylie getting ready to return a serve. She ended up losing this match in a tiebreak after splitting the sets- but went on to win the consolation finals in singles! so proud of her! (not to mention she also plays 3 years up...she's 8 and her opponents are 11). McKenzie ended up winning her singles and doubles age group! These girls really are incredibly talented and I couldn't be more proud of them !
look at that form!
kate & i cheering on our cousins! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, loving and wonderful family.

Luke and I spent time wandering around downtown Savannah, spent a day at Tybee Island on the beach and ate out way too much (hitting the gym more than ever this week). I was so grateful and happy he came to visit and spent time with my family with me! It really means the world. 

All in all, the weekend left me feeling very blessed to have such a great family and a supportive and caring boyfriend. It got me thinking about how each and every one of us has our own unique "modern family"-with their individual quirks and values, problems and inside jokes. I really couldn't be happier with the one God blessed me with! 
My Modern Family. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strut Your Stuff- Day Two

Fourteen hours. That's how long I was on the set today! Whew. Today was Day Two of the Spring 2012 Tail Activewear collection- yesterday we shot the golf collection, and and my personal favorite, the children's line. Oh to be little and cute again so I could wear some of these pieces! So adorbs. 

The day began the same as yesterday, stumbled into the shower at 6:35 (woke up late), arrived downtown at 8:05, with just enough time to park, power walk/run two blocks to Panera to pick up breakfast. The Panera peoples smirked when they saw me come in, and presented me with three heavy bags and one tray of bagels. So naturally, I took two trips again. 

side note- i stopped in The Copper Penny a boutique right next door to the studio after spying a coral JPK Paris bag that I liked, and asked if they had any beige ones in the same style. Turns out, yes they did and she also gave it to me for 50% off. My lucky day! 

Call time for the Models today was 9:15ish- into the 9:30 range. Tammy was the only repeat model we had, and she was much more excited about today since tennis is her sport (just like her big sister, go hokies!). The other three models were Fina, a sassy and gorgeous Venezuelan Tennis Pro, who just took a job as the in house Pro for my Grandparent's Tennis Club. Fina was tall and lean with dark skin and even darker eyes. [insert a funny story about Fina and me] I was rushing down the street to pick up the second load of Panera, she stopped me on the street asking for directions to The Paris Market, which is the store/bakery below the studio where the shoot was held. However, a combination of me stressing about being behind schedule and not understanding her heavy accent, I hurriedly blurted out I wasn't from around here either, and I was sorry I couldn't help while rushing past her on the street. Needless to say, it was awkward when I arrived with the rest of breakfast and she was getting her hair and make up done. We joked about it as the day went on, but it was typical awkward me status. 

The other two models were Beth: leggy and thin with a pretty large bust for her petite frame, downright gorgeous with a banging bod, and a mother of three (!!!!???!) She has lots of modeling experience (Harley Davidson loves her) and even a little cameo in the new XMen movie...(she plays a firegirl). Brooke was the last model, tall and brunette. She was quiet but when she spoke her words had a southern twang to them, which I liked. I secretly wished my voice sounded like that too. 

Today I was pleased (and surprised) that I was given a little bit more responsibility on the set. I was in charge of not only steaming the outfits and dressing the models, but also getting to pick which outfit went on which model and also which tennis racket, visor/hat and shoes went best with the ensemble. The stylist, Mitchell (who was on Project Runway three seasons ago- look him up!) gave me a little bit more free reign and independence and he even gave me a big high five at the end of the day and proclaimed to Lizzie he was going to steal me from her. I blushed and did a little fist pump inside. Project Runway Stylist liked me and wanted me to work for him...Victory! 

We also shot the new Children's line of tennis wear (girls). There were only a few pieces for the collection, so we only had one model...little Caroline, who is the owner's granddaughter and Ava and Jeb's cousin! (small world again!). She was probably the most polite, adorable, sweet and happy little girl I have ever met. Not to mention she rocked the tennis outfits like a pro! Mitchell joked to the other models to take note of her, she was a natural on deck! 

Pictures of the day:

first tennis look on brooke! (rhyme time)

loooooooved this one! especially the flouncy pink skirt. so cute.

fierce Beth ready to receive a serve. (and sell some tennis clothes!)

Caroline, my little buddy getting ready for her first look!

work it, girl!

she was a pro! 

Today was exhausting, but wonderful at the same time. I really have enjoyed trying my hand at the whole fashion thing. It was really something to experience and I'm so grateful I got the chance to do so! Plus this is the first time I've blogged two days in a row! Woo! Success. But now I'm so pooped I can't even think of a clever and meaningful way to end this post so....toodles! 



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strike a Pose- Day One

Today was perhaps the longest, and yet most satisfying days I have experienced in quite some time. I had the awesome and one of a kind experience to embark on a new found journey into the world of fashion merchandising and marketing, and it was really something... to put it quite simply. Before today, I literally had no idea what being an assistant on a photo shoot entailed, or how to balance two full Starbucks carry out trays with 8 Venti iced coffees for two city blocks, or how to steam around 50 or so outfits just right so the pleats in the capris/shorts/skirts/pants were showcased in the best way possible. But I learned all of those things today and so much more.

The day began with me waking up to my Tay Swifty alarm (typical) promptly at 6:15 to shower and get ready. I had to be downtown at the studio at 7:45-8 because I was in charge of picking up breakfast for the set crew, models, make-up peoples and photographer. Since being late to anything stresses me out, particularly when I have other people's breakfast depending on my punctuality, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to park and walk the couple of blocks from the garage to Panera, which is conveniently located almost right across from the studio where the shoot was held. Picking up breakfast was probably comical to passerby on the street considering there were five huge Panera bags full of three tubs of coffee, one of OJ, 25 bagels, a danish roll, cups, napkins, cream cheese and plates. The Panera girl literally laughed out loud when I told her, no I hadn't brought my car, I would just walk since the studio was (almost) right across the street. Her reply was simply "good luck, sweet cheeks". And I guess in the end I did need it, since I looked like a silly little thing lugging all those bags down the street. (I ended up taking two trips).

The models trickled in around 8:30ish, which was their call time. I was surprised that they were on time...I flashed to an old "The Hills" episode when LC worked on a shoot and all the models just stumbled in when they felt like it. There were only three models: Amanda, who was a petite golf coach toting a pink Callaway golf bag with expensive clubs and had soft features and kind brown eyes, Beth, one of Tail Activewear's usual golf models- tall and lean and blond and simply stunning, and Tammy who is, get this- Terri Ann's sister (Terri Ann is the VT women's tennis coach...I went to a few of her camps in high school.) Small world huh? Tammy looked just like her sister and was as sweet as pie. I was happy that the models were sensibly sized and not stick thin...I was nervous about feeling self-conscious. They were also graciously appreciative of all my help in dressing them and steaming their outfits, which made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Here are a few pictures from the day, and I apologize for the quality- I left my camera at home so I took them on my phone:

outfit number one! getting ready for the first shoot of the day! This is Beth. 
Sassy Mitchell, the fashion expert prepping Beth. Gettin' her ready to strike a pose! Swing that driver, girlfriend! 
Tammy and Amanda getting all dolled up. Jules, the head make up artist was a sassy Peruvian full of witty jokes. I really liked her. 
FIERCE! This one is my favorite. 

I left the studio literally 12 hours since I arrived that morning, exhausted but pleased with my day, and how much I had learned. It really was a crazy world- the world of Fashion. And I enjoyed my little rendezvous into it for Day One! Tomorrow I return for the Tennis line and new Children's line (yay!) 

I think it's really important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Sometimes, you might just find out you have another passion in life other than the one that, until now, was the only one you thought you had. New experiences broaden our horizons and increase our worldliness, and in that way we grow in ways we never imagined! I encourage all of you to step out of that box, and see what lies beyond its neat little lines. 

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there" -Lewis Carroll

Countdown: 2 Days 

ps. I changed the name of my blog...again. #indecisive. 

stay tuned for day 2! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's been a week since my last post- I've been so busy the past week getting used to my new summer job and new home in Savannah, but I think I've finally gotten adjusted! The past week was filled with lots of disney channel shows (my personal favorite being "Good Luck Charlie"), modeling clay and watercolor paint, pizza and America's Funniest Home Videos (the twins' favorite show). Ava started Art Camp this week at Scribble Art Studio downtown, and every day she brings home her beautiful art pieces from different countries, yesterday was Mexico and today is Russia. She is only 8 years old and yet so incredibly talented, it's absolutely astounding. Her favorite is sketching and watercolor and every night before she goes to sleep she shows me her drawings from the day before- usually of places she's been or her favorite animal- pigs. It's a pure joy to watch her talent blossom and grow and see how much she truly enjoys art. I wish I was that talented at something!

Jeb, meanwhile plays constantly on his iPod touch (angry birds is my favorite game), but he prefers jelly cars. Sometimes when I get him off that little thing we play with their leggos or do a puzzle, but he mostly is interested in showing me new videos he looks up on youtube. It's amazing how children these days can operate all sorts of technology without even batting an eye!

This past weekend I had time off, and the weather was beautiful so we took my uncle's boat out for some cruisin'. On saturday we anchored at Bloody Point off of Dafuski Island, which is an island you can only access by boat- its white sandy beaches are covered with beautifully intact conch shells at low tide, which I was thrilled to collect until I picked a few up and noticed the crabs were still calling those shells home! So I gently placed them back in the water so they wouldn't dry out, only slightly disappointed I couldn't take their pretty home home with me.
pretty paradise! 
All in all it was an incredibly beautiful and relaxing Saturday, a great way to spend my few days off from work! 
frolic in the waves! 
We also spent some time in downtown Savannah, which is incredibly enchanting and full of lots of history, which captivates me. Horse-drawn carriages occupy as much street space as cars do- we even saw a wedding party, which made me think of the Royal Wedding. The streets are filled with adorable little shops with the cutest things, everything from unique dresses and shoes (too expensive for me) to darling antiques from old southern estates. But probably the neatest thing was the shop for the SCAD students to sell their artwork...paintings, handbags, clothes, buttons, everything under the sun these creative students design and create and they amaze me with their talent! 
if only I was talented enough to go here! 

my favorite store in downtown Savannah...they had the most precious keepsakes I've ever seen! 

But now the weekend is over and I'm back to work! Yesterday my Aunt called me with an interesting opportunity to make money on my days off from being with the twins- the clothing company she works for, Tail Activewear, is having a photoshoot for their new line in downtown Savannah, and Miss Lizzie Shoreman who is running the shoot asked me to be her personal assistant for both the women's shoot tomorrow and for the children's shoot on Thursday. This is really exciting and a break from my day to day nanny job which could be good for me. Basically I'm just going to be her right hand gal, steaming clothes, helping dress the models, entertaining the kids for the shoot on thursday...and through this whole description of my job, I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite girls ever...good old LC! 

You sure would be proud of me, Lauren! :)

I can't wait to blog about my experiences tomorrow! Hopefully it will make the week pass by more quickly...
Countdown: 3 days.
miss you so much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Georgia on My Mind....

"sweet tea, pecan pie and homemade wine; where the peaches grow" -zbb

Finally, after a 400 something mile drive alone with nothing but an Arnie Palmer Pink Lemonade edition, pretzel crisps and an ipod full of country tunes I arrived safe and sound at my new home for the summer, 41 Myrtlewood Drive.
hi gram & gramps!

I unloaded all my bags from the car, with grandpa's help and after a yummy (and healthy) dinner of fresh fruit and a chicken salad wrap with blueberry peach cobbler for dessert (love grandma's house), I began the tiresome chore of unpacking. I tuned in to my fave show, Arrested Development to help pass the time.

all settled in- my new room!

Today I spent a little time getting transitioned and familiarized with driving around Savannah (it's much busier than lazy Blacksburg in the summer!) I met the twins- little Jeb and Ava; I brought my crazy little cousin Kylie, who incidentally is the same age and friends with the twins- and she helped the kiddos feel a little bit more comfortable around their new nanny. I get to hang out with the twins three times a week- mondays, tuesdays and thursdays, the other days they attend some summer day camps so I'm not really needed except to pick up and drop off. On my off days I'm just taking care of little Kylie- and my aunt has even offered to pay, which is nice! I tried to convince her not to- it seems weird to get paid by family, but I didn't have much luck, she's insisting...and if I'm reaaaally honest, I'll admit I need as much monies as possible. Oh, the life of a broke college student. My goal for the summer while I'm here: save as much money as possible. This is going to prove a challenge since Savannah has some great shopping...I'll just have to stay away from Broughton St. Marc Jacobs visits for me!

I'm trying to keep myself busy- I go to bed early so I can wake up early and hit the gym/go on an early morning run. I explored my grandparents expansive neighborhood this morning- every house I ran by looked like it belonged on the cover of southern living- each one had it's own unique southern charm and the lawns were lavishly manicured, with not one blade of grass out of place. It sure is a different world down here.
Despite keeping busy, I feel some weird pangs of loneliness- these days I've been missing my Kappa Delta ladies more than ever! It's always hard to keep in touch during the summer with everyone on different schedules, but hopefully we can work out some time for my girls to come visit me, or vice versa.

On another more cheery note, today is my grandparents 47th wedding anniversary! Wow! What a remarkable number of years to be's awe-inspiring. My gramps got grams a dozen beautiful red roses and a cheesy little card and we all celebrated with a home cooked meal. 47 years sure is something to be proud of, and something to celebrate! Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa- you give true meaning to "for better or worse"!

"A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure." -Charlie Chaplin 

♥  ✌.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Savannah Style

Well, I FINALLY found a summer replacement job for the unfortunate Elderberry's incident...a nanny job in Savannah, Georgia! I'm excited at the prospect of living away from blacksburg for a change, as much as I love it here (especially in the summer), I really think a little change of scenery will do me good. I'm currently trying to organize and sort all my clothes and pack up a few little things at my apartment before I leave on sunday (so soon!), and I really can't believe how many clothes I have accumulated since I moved in here last's unreal. I'm currently making two piles one to stay at my parents house and the other to take with me to Savannah. I even have a few hand me downs to give to my sister, which is generous of me since she usually just raids my closet without asking. But what are sisters for, anyway?

I've been spending my last few days in Blacksburg laying out by the pool in Maple Ridge with Sarah and Taylor and Heather gettin' our tans on and hanging out with Luke. I'll be sad to leave blacksburg behind but I'm excited at the prospect of beginning a new job and having a totally different summer experience! It could be just what I need.

I'm nannying for one of my Aunt's co-workers; she has two twins, 8 years old a boy and a girl. I'm excited to meet them on my first day this Monday! I'm already brainstorming all the fun things we can do during the days we will be spending together: so far I've added pool days, going to the beach and the park, walking my Aunt's two black labs, going to a Savannah Sand Nats baseball game and trips to the public library to our list. But Savannah is a beautiful city full of so many fun things to do, I know we will have something exciting to do every day!

I really can't wait to start working and actually have something interesting to blog about for a change- I hope you all enjoy the new name for this seemed much more appropriate.

A little deep thinking:

"To live in the world without knowing the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books." -The Secret Teachings of All Ages

and my new favorite summer jam:

Catch ya on the flip side!