Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith is a Bluebird...

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." 
~Nelson Mandela 

Blacksburg, Virginia. This place is my home in so many ways, and every time I go away, I am always happy to see that it has not changed one bit. It's so reassuring to think that some things, well they just never change... No matter how much you do. 

How comforting to see this building standing strong and sturdy, resilient as ever- even when I feel like everything else about my life is changing.

Months have passed since my last post, and I have to say I have missed blogging...but I've just been so busy! What with moving in the Kappa Delta house, getting settled into all my fall semester classes, interviewing for jobs and summer study abroad programs, interning with a kindergarten class, preparing for Recruitment and Ring Premiere in less than a month (!!), there just hasn't been much free time. Life as a Hokie is always this way- there is never a dull moment! However, for all those avid blog readers out there, and Christine Terminello as my inspiration (love the new blog design girlfriend!) I'll try to keep ya'll updated on the goings on of my junior year! 

I have done some true soul searching in the months between leaving Savannah and returning to school. I have had my rough days, my easy days, my almost-ok days and just my normal days. I remind myself every day when I wake up that God has a plan for me- a great one- and I have to put all my faith and trust in Him. 

"I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices"
Psalms 16:8-9 

This past weekend I ran my first ever Recruitment Workshop with my entire sorority- it was extremely nerve wracking! I have always been nervous speaking in front of large crowds, but my teacher-mode came out and although I tried not to treat my sisters like my little elementary students, I made the best of the situation! I'm hoping I'll get better and better and more comfortable with every workshop I have to host. 

Welcome home, Kaydees! 

Living in the Kappa Delta house has been...well, an adventure (to say the least). I'm so happy to always have amazing girls around whenever I need something, the support system is incredible! I feel blessed to have so many great roommates in my life....especially my little peanut roommate Kate Gillies! I just LOVE YOU rooms, thanks for always putting up with my various breakdowns, hysterics and stressful freak outs. You da best I ever had. 

"Sometimes in life there really are bonds that are formed that can't be broken"

It seems amazing to be sitting here in a place I have known all my life, but surrounded by new experiences, opportunities, people and memories. All i can say is I guess it's

The start of something new.


...and i really couldn't be happier.

until next time, remember to be nice to someone. It always makes me feel better, no matter how small the gesture! 

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