Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Very First One

After having my lovely and very persuasive roomie, Sarah Ryan suggest I start a blog, I took her up on it and now here I sit- typing my very first blog post! I have to say, setting it all up was rather complicated (for me at least) it took me thirty minutes alone to pick out a background design... But hopefully I can fill this blog with funny pictures and exciting adventures and memories of summer 2011!

Today was Mommy's Day (Love ya Mom!) And I got to spend it out at my River House, on the New River. My mom and dad bought two ducks and two chickens for my little brother's birthday and I can't believe how big they have gotten! We took the ducks down to the river for the very first time and let them swim in the water. I was afraid they would just swim away as soon as we let them go, but when my dad and brother got out of the water they followed them right up the bank! It was the cutest thing- to see our little ducks following us wherever we went. My mom named them Lilly and Fern, and I'm looking forward to playing with them lots this summer!

This past week we finished up classes- I can't believe I'm a junior in college- the time flies when you're having fun I guess! My roommates and I celebrated the last day of classes by going to the Zac Brown Band Concert in Salem- it was so fun, a little chilly, but we kept warm by dancing along to all his GREAT songs! They sure are amazing live!

Throwing a little tswifty for the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Luhhh dat!

Well that's all for now! Until next time-

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