Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your True Colors

One of the many wonderful things about Taylor Swift is the way her songs always seem to relate to each and every one of us. Take, for example, her song "Mean". I'm sure each of us has at least one person in mind (sometimes even more than one) when we hear this song playing, whether it's an old high school boyfriend who cheated on you and broke your heart, that little boy on the playground who pushed you off the swing set or a roommate turned sour who has their mom fight their battles for them...either way, we all have had someone be mean to us in our lives, and yes we know- it sure does stink. Sometimes, we forget to remember to:

So what do we do, when people are mean to us? How do we make ourselves feel better when we have those certain inescapable people in our lives that insist on bringing us down? The best way to remedy a mean person, I've found, is to surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you- your friends and family. And these are the people in my life whose true colors are beautiful....like a rainbow: 
Buddy Dryman- my big brother and true family and the one who helped me through some of my toughest days. I love you!

and of course my Amy- the one who I could always count on to talk me out of bad choices I really wanted to make but would ultimately hurt me in the end, and who would come over in the middle of the night if I needed her. You're the best Ams! 

Sarah Louise- my inspiration to blog, my first friend when I moved to Blacksburg, my best friend, my roommate...all I can say is "GET DOWN AND COVER THE BISCUITS!" 
BRITT- the best friend a girl could ever ask for, loyal and hilarious and always gives me the honest answer and tells me like it is- she knows me better than anyone else and I would be truly lost without her. I'm so blessed to have this crazy girl in my life. Thanks for everything you do for me, momz!
my little peanut Kate Gillies- I could literally write a blog post listing all the things this little nugget has done for me, I've never had a more devoted friend in my life and I am so grateful for her every day. She's baked me cookies when I was sad, given me cards that reminded me I really was beautiful when I didn't believe it and always inspires me to be a better person. She brings out the best in me- or tries to, even in my stubborn moments. My future roommate, my Kappa Delta sister, one of the best friends I have ever had in whole wide world- her friendship is unfailing through all the ups and downs and I owe everything I have to you, kate! I love you so much. 
David Bales and Trey Gresh- (and chase of course) The greatest, funniest most wonderful guy friends I have! David is like a big brother to me, he picks me back up when I fall down (off a bike, or when I'm skiing), makes fun of me constantly but I know it's out of love and I know he will always be here for me when I need him. Even when I'm not around all the time, he knows I love him :) And the same goes for you, Trey! You know I'll always love you big brothers and I appreciate all the times you have been there to take care of me. 

We all have these people in our lives, the ones we know we can count on to drop everything and come find us when we need them- and I think sometimes we forget in the rush of our day to day lives, to really thank them for every little thing they do for us. And for their true colors- how they show at the times when those that are mean really bring us down. Where would we be without these loved ones? Probably in a world full of meanies. 

peace out, girl scouts. 

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