Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's been a week since my last post- I've been so busy the past week getting used to my new summer job and new home in Savannah, but I think I've finally gotten adjusted! The past week was filled with lots of disney channel shows (my personal favorite being "Good Luck Charlie"), modeling clay and watercolor paint, pizza and America's Funniest Home Videos (the twins' favorite show). Ava started Art Camp this week at Scribble Art Studio downtown, and every day she brings home her beautiful art pieces from different countries, yesterday was Mexico and today is Russia. She is only 8 years old and yet so incredibly talented, it's absolutely astounding. Her favorite is sketching and watercolor and every night before she goes to sleep she shows me her drawings from the day before- usually of places she's been or her favorite animal- pigs. It's a pure joy to watch her talent blossom and grow and see how much she truly enjoys art. I wish I was that talented at something!

Jeb, meanwhile plays constantly on his iPod touch (angry birds is my favorite game), but he prefers jelly cars. Sometimes when I get him off that little thing we play with their leggos or do a puzzle, but he mostly is interested in showing me new videos he looks up on youtube. It's amazing how children these days can operate all sorts of technology without even batting an eye!

This past weekend I had time off, and the weather was beautiful so we took my uncle's boat out for some cruisin'. On saturday we anchored at Bloody Point off of Dafuski Island, which is an island you can only access by boat- its white sandy beaches are covered with beautifully intact conch shells at low tide, which I was thrilled to collect until I picked a few up and noticed the crabs were still calling those shells home! So I gently placed them back in the water so they wouldn't dry out, only slightly disappointed I couldn't take their pretty home home with me.
pretty paradise! 
All in all it was an incredibly beautiful and relaxing Saturday, a great way to spend my few days off from work! 
frolic in the waves! 
We also spent some time in downtown Savannah, which is incredibly enchanting and full of lots of history, which captivates me. Horse-drawn carriages occupy as much street space as cars do- we even saw a wedding party, which made me think of the Royal Wedding. The streets are filled with adorable little shops with the cutest things, everything from unique dresses and shoes (too expensive for me) to darling antiques from old southern estates. But probably the neatest thing was the shop for the SCAD students to sell their artwork...paintings, handbags, clothes, buttons, everything under the sun these creative students design and create and they amaze me with their talent! 
if only I was talented enough to go here! 

my favorite store in downtown Savannah...they had the most precious keepsakes I've ever seen! 

But now the weekend is over and I'm back to work! Yesterday my Aunt called me with an interesting opportunity to make money on my days off from being with the twins- the clothing company she works for, Tail Activewear, is having a photoshoot for their new line in downtown Savannah, and Miss Lizzie Shoreman who is running the shoot asked me to be her personal assistant for both the women's shoot tomorrow and for the children's shoot on Thursday. This is really exciting and a break from my day to day nanny job which could be good for me. Basically I'm just going to be her right hand gal, steaming clothes, helping dress the models, entertaining the kids for the shoot on thursday...and through this whole description of my job, I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite girls ever...good old LC! 

You sure would be proud of me, Lauren! :)

I can't wait to blog about my experiences tomorrow! Hopefully it will make the week pass by more quickly...
Countdown: 3 days.
miss you so much.

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