Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strike a Pose- Day One

Today was perhaps the longest, and yet most satisfying days I have experienced in quite some time. I had the awesome and one of a kind experience to embark on a new found journey into the world of fashion merchandising and marketing, and it was really something... to put it quite simply. Before today, I literally had no idea what being an assistant on a photo shoot entailed, or how to balance two full Starbucks carry out trays with 8 Venti iced coffees for two city blocks, or how to steam around 50 or so outfits just right so the pleats in the capris/shorts/skirts/pants were showcased in the best way possible. But I learned all of those things today and so much more.

The day began with me waking up to my Tay Swifty alarm (typical) promptly at 6:15 to shower and get ready. I had to be downtown at the studio at 7:45-8 because I was in charge of picking up breakfast for the set crew, models, make-up peoples and photographer. Since being late to anything stresses me out, particularly when I have other people's breakfast depending on my punctuality, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to park and walk the couple of blocks from the garage to Panera, which is conveniently located almost right across from the studio where the shoot was held. Picking up breakfast was probably comical to passerby on the street considering there were five huge Panera bags full of three tubs of coffee, one of OJ, 25 bagels, a danish roll, cups, napkins, cream cheese and plates. The Panera girl literally laughed out loud when I told her, no I hadn't brought my car, I would just walk since the studio was (almost) right across the street. Her reply was simply "good luck, sweet cheeks". And I guess in the end I did need it, since I looked like a silly little thing lugging all those bags down the street. (I ended up taking two trips).

The models trickled in around 8:30ish, which was their call time. I was surprised that they were on time...I flashed to an old "The Hills" episode when LC worked on a shoot and all the models just stumbled in when they felt like it. There were only three models: Amanda, who was a petite golf coach toting a pink Callaway golf bag with expensive clubs and had soft features and kind brown eyes, Beth, one of Tail Activewear's usual golf models- tall and lean and blond and simply stunning, and Tammy who is, get this- Terri Ann's sister (Terri Ann is the VT women's tennis coach...I went to a few of her camps in high school.) Small world huh? Tammy looked just like her sister and was as sweet as pie. I was happy that the models were sensibly sized and not stick thin...I was nervous about feeling self-conscious. They were also graciously appreciative of all my help in dressing them and steaming their outfits, which made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Here are a few pictures from the day, and I apologize for the quality- I left my camera at home so I took them on my phone:

outfit number one! getting ready for the first shoot of the day! This is Beth. 
Sassy Mitchell, the fashion expert prepping Beth. Gettin' her ready to strike a pose! Swing that driver, girlfriend! 
Tammy and Amanda getting all dolled up. Jules, the head make up artist was a sassy Peruvian full of witty jokes. I really liked her. 
FIERCE! This one is my favorite. 

I left the studio literally 12 hours since I arrived that morning, exhausted but pleased with my day, and how much I had learned. It really was a crazy world- the world of Fashion. And I enjoyed my little rendezvous into it for Day One! Tomorrow I return for the Tennis line and new Children's line (yay!) 

I think it's really important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Sometimes, you might just find out you have another passion in life other than the one that, until now, was the only one you thought you had. New experiences broaden our horizons and increase our worldliness, and in that way we grow in ways we never imagined! I encourage all of you to step out of that box, and see what lies beyond its neat little lines. 

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there" -Lewis Carroll

Countdown: 2 Days 

ps. I changed the name of my blog...again. #indecisive. 

stay tuned for day 2! 

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