Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Modern Family

Wow, what a great weekend I had! It feels like it has lasted forever since I have ended up with a bit of down time with my work schedule. (Which is actually a blessing in disguise considering the hectic and busy previous week). 

On friday I woke up early (barely) for my friday morning babysitting job with Steve and Julie Pence and their two boys, Austin and Braedan. The boys are 9 and 11 and suffer from a mitochondrial disease similar to cerebral palsy. They can't walk or talk or function very much independently so I have to change them and feed them, and it is like taking care of infants but in a much more satisfying way. At first I was nervous at the prospect of babysitting children who had "special needs", after all- what would I do if something went wrong? How would I react? Would I be able to handle it? My doubts and insecurities vanished in an instant the moment Ms. Julie threw open the door with a huge, encouraging smile on her face and offered me a cup of coffee and all the direction and advice I could possibly ask for. She is one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting- I felt instantly comfortable and welcome in her home...and she was a kappa delta! (AOT!) She showed me the "ropes" so to speak with looking after the boys. I jumped right in and fed them breakfast- oatmeal and strawberry yogurt, and i sat between them in their chairs and played with their chocolate lab puppy, named deuce. I can tell the boys enjoy having her around, until she jumps on them! Silly pup. 

baby deuce! what a cutie!
After I left the Pence's it was straight on the road to pick up my little sister, her friend Anita and my little brother from my dad- we were meeting at a halfway (sort of ) spot, and switching cars since he had my green honda all fixed up since the accident. Luke actually was waiting for me at the cracker barrel with my family when I pulled in, and I threw my arms around his neck so happy to see him!

The weekend began with traveling to Hilton Head Island, a short trip north of Savannah to watch my cousins Kylie and McKenzie compete in a tennis tournament. The tournament was held at Wexford Plantation, a lavish and gated community on the island with a private marina for homeowners that kept the water level constant using the same type of gate system as the Panama Canal. They let my Uncle dock his boat there for free, which was very generous! 
we THOUGHT this was Michael Jordan's was rumored he has one here in Wexford, but apparently not this hotel style home right on the water! Still, it's pretty.
Kylie getting ready to return a serve. She ended up losing this match in a tiebreak after splitting the sets- but went on to win the consolation finals in singles! so proud of her! (not to mention she also plays 3 years up...she's 8 and her opponents are 11). McKenzie ended up winning her singles and doubles age group! These girls really are incredibly talented and I couldn't be more proud of them !
look at that form!
kate & i cheering on our cousins! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, loving and wonderful family.

Luke and I spent time wandering around downtown Savannah, spent a day at Tybee Island on the beach and ate out way too much (hitting the gym more than ever this week). I was so grateful and happy he came to visit and spent time with my family with me! It really means the world. 

All in all, the weekend left me feeling very blessed to have such a great family and a supportive and caring boyfriend. It got me thinking about how each and every one of us has our own unique "modern family"-with their individual quirks and values, problems and inside jokes. I really couldn't be happier with the one God blessed me with! 
My Modern Family. 

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