Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strut Your Stuff- Day Two

Fourteen hours. That's how long I was on the set today! Whew. Today was Day Two of the Spring 2012 Tail Activewear collection- yesterday we shot the golf collection, and and my personal favorite, the children's line. Oh to be little and cute again so I could wear some of these pieces! So adorbs. 

The day began the same as yesterday, stumbled into the shower at 6:35 (woke up late), arrived downtown at 8:05, with just enough time to park, power walk/run two blocks to Panera to pick up breakfast. The Panera peoples smirked when they saw me come in, and presented me with three heavy bags and one tray of bagels. So naturally, I took two trips again. 

side note- i stopped in The Copper Penny a boutique right next door to the studio after spying a coral JPK Paris bag that I liked, and asked if they had any beige ones in the same style. Turns out, yes they did and she also gave it to me for 50% off. My lucky day! 

Call time for the Models today was 9:15ish- into the 9:30 range. Tammy was the only repeat model we had, and she was much more excited about today since tennis is her sport (just like her big sister, go hokies!). The other three models were Fina, a sassy and gorgeous Venezuelan Tennis Pro, who just took a job as the in house Pro for my Grandparent's Tennis Club. Fina was tall and lean with dark skin and even darker eyes. [insert a funny story about Fina and me] I was rushing down the street to pick up the second load of Panera, she stopped me on the street asking for directions to The Paris Market, which is the store/bakery below the studio where the shoot was held. However, a combination of me stressing about being behind schedule and not understanding her heavy accent, I hurriedly blurted out I wasn't from around here either, and I was sorry I couldn't help while rushing past her on the street. Needless to say, it was awkward when I arrived with the rest of breakfast and she was getting her hair and make up done. We joked about it as the day went on, but it was typical awkward me status. 

The other two models were Beth: leggy and thin with a pretty large bust for her petite frame, downright gorgeous with a banging bod, and a mother of three (!!!!???!) She has lots of modeling experience (Harley Davidson loves her) and even a little cameo in the new XMen movie...(she plays a firegirl). Brooke was the last model, tall and brunette. She was quiet but when she spoke her words had a southern twang to them, which I liked. I secretly wished my voice sounded like that too. 

Today I was pleased (and surprised) that I was given a little bit more responsibility on the set. I was in charge of not only steaming the outfits and dressing the models, but also getting to pick which outfit went on which model and also which tennis racket, visor/hat and shoes went best with the ensemble. The stylist, Mitchell (who was on Project Runway three seasons ago- look him up!) gave me a little bit more free reign and independence and he even gave me a big high five at the end of the day and proclaimed to Lizzie he was going to steal me from her. I blushed and did a little fist pump inside. Project Runway Stylist liked me and wanted me to work for him...Victory! 

We also shot the new Children's line of tennis wear (girls). There were only a few pieces for the collection, so we only had one model...little Caroline, who is the owner's granddaughter and Ava and Jeb's cousin! (small world again!). She was probably the most polite, adorable, sweet and happy little girl I have ever met. Not to mention she rocked the tennis outfits like a pro! Mitchell joked to the other models to take note of her, she was a natural on deck! 

Pictures of the day:

first tennis look on brooke! (rhyme time)

loooooooved this one! especially the flouncy pink skirt. so cute.

fierce Beth ready to receive a serve. (and sell some tennis clothes!)

Caroline, my little buddy getting ready for her first look!

work it, girl!

she was a pro! 

Today was exhausting, but wonderful at the same time. I really have enjoyed trying my hand at the whole fashion thing. It was really something to experience and I'm so grateful I got the chance to do so! Plus this is the first time I've blogged two days in a row! Woo! Success. But now I'm so pooped I can't even think of a clever and meaningful way to end this post so....toodles! 



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