Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Defying Gravity

Sometimes in life, we really have to stop and think- wow, what am I doing? Am I where I need to be? Where I should be? And is this who I want to be? After all, we are only given one life, one chance... shouldn't we make the best of it, live it to the absolute fullest and soak up every moment, every breath of fresh air while we have the chance? And before it's just too late? 

Of course, along the way there are bumps in the road, mistakes made, and choices we sometimes wish we hadn't acted on. This is the inevitable truth of living that is sometimes just so hard to grasp. Life is hard, from time to time. If it wasn't, what fun would that be? There would be no challenges, no hurtles to overcome and no satisfaction to feel at the end of a tough day when you just sit back and, I made it. It would be downright boring. 

There will be hard days and easy days. Sad days and happy days. Funny days and infuriating days. Exciting days and boring days. If every day was the same, life would just be like one grey, monotonous silent film- with no plot, no sound, no laughter, no climax, nothing. Just a blur of pictures flashing past us. Where's the fun in that?

And yet, there are some things in life that we can't change. Like the past. Or a bad grade you just got on your super hard accounting exam. If we could change it, we would obviously go back and change all the bad things that have happened in our lives- but when we finally finished, what kind of people would we be? With no trials or struggles, no challenges to overcome or mountains to climb, we wouldn't be the people we are today. I believe it is true what the say: Mistakes are part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way

I feel as though sometimes the combination of regret, all the bad choices and mistakes we have made over the years, and gravity threaten to drag us down, until we are feeling quite awful about ourselves. But if that above quotation is true, that mistakes really are precious life lessons, perhaps we can find the strength within ourselves to close our eyes, let go of all that regret, take a giant leap of faith and just...

defy gravity.

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