Sunday, September 18, 2011

somewhere only we know

and if you have a minute, why don't we talk about it somewhere only we know...

Reconnecting with old friends from your past is perhaps one of the most unique experiences we can encounter in our lives. There are memories that only the two of you share that seem millions of years away from where you are today, but when you recall them together it feels as though those times had only happened yesterday. It's amazing how we can recall the details of times past with incredible and startling detail. I love catching up with someone you used to spend so much time with, and realize you can still laugh with them about the "good old days" and appreciate how much the two of you have changed at the same time. It's an interesting type of experience. 

This was a very busy weekend! My weekend started on Thursday evening, with our "Around the World" themed social with PIKE. Needless to say, my sisters and I took the theme to the extreme (obviously)
around the world with Kappa Delta! Can you guess which countries we are from??

my favorite picture of the evening.
Kate Middleton was there! I was SO EXCITED to meet her! :) 

Friday was a hectic day- I helped Christine and Kelly with the marketing for RING PREMIERE (OCT 4TH!! EEK) I helped with the lamination of posters and painted the banners we are going to hang in Squires. The closer we get to Premiere, the more excited I become. I can hardly believe all of our hard work is about to be showcased to our class. I am so honored and overcome with hokie pride I can hardly contain it! 
getting my banner painting on! 

Saturday was GAME DAY! It was the white out game (a little chilly, but still so fun as usual) and we tailgated with a few girls I lived with in PY Freshman year, so that was great to spend time with old fellow RLC Leaders! Here are some of a few good shots from the game:
we love virginia tech!
good friends, good tailgates, good food, the BEST time!

schmollz and i helped michael win the prize as the most programs sales for the day! you're welcome :) 

All in all, time is flying by for me. Sometimes I feel like I blink and a weekend has already ended and I'm staring at studying for three exams I have this week. Oh well. Let the crunch time begin!

Here's a classic little line I just love to start your week out in the right mentality: 

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